Why Rest is So Important After Exercise By Dr. Niraj Vora

When you are in the midst of a busy workout schedule and following them each day with diligence and not letting yourself a rest day, you may be not doing the right thing because you should know the Importance of Rest After Exercise. Apprehending that you may be late in reaching your fitness goals or lose the grounds you have made with hard work, you may be taxing your body and not allowing time for repair and build up your muscles.

What Dr Niraj Vora,  considered to be the Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in India, recommends is that rest after exercise is absolutely necessary to allow the muscles to re-grow and further strengthen the muscles and help in the progress of the workout regimen. Fearing that a day’s off might result in the retardation of the progress that you have already made cannot be a pragmatic decision. Instead, you might lose the stamina of continuing with the workouts, weaken your immune system, leading to illness and injuries and also experience mental burnout. Other negative effects that may arise out of over straining with exercises, include losing motivation and in the long run result in poor performance.

Scheduling your rest days in between workouts can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle where your muscles will be in perfect shape, increase the efficiency of your immune system and get more enthusiasm to follow a steady process of the workout regimen and get positive results. Giving time to the muscles and the ligaments of the body to recoup from possible tear, strain or pull will rejuvenate them instead of weakening them with over doing your exercises without taking a rest.  The Importance of Rest After Exercise cannot be overlooked, as proper rest after exercise can be rewarding, according to Dr Niraj Vora, the best orthopaedic surgeon in india. It will be better to plan your exercise routine prior to starting a schedule, which will include the rest days. You can take an opinion of an orthopedic specialist in case you find any difficulty in planning your schedule. Dr Niraj Vora is available for consultation with prior appointment which can be made through his website, http://drnirajvora.com/.