Walking Barefoot Benefits by Dr Niraj Vora

You can maximise the benefits of having increased amounts of antioxidants within the body, reduced inflammation and improved sleep if you make the habit of walking barefoot on natural surfaces like sand, soil and grass. This has been scientifically proved and also recommended by Dr Niraj Vora, a reputed Knee Specialist in India.
Walking barefoot can be an effective way of strengthening the muscles of the ankle and feet, which help to stabilize the body through helping to improve the body balance. This practice will also help you to improve the perception of the space around you and also the balance and movement of the body. Other benefits that you can get include preventing knee and back pain that originates from improper mechanisms of the foot. The arches and the muscles of the body are also strengthened, helping to prevent any orthopedic problems, and that is why doctors recommend walking barefoot on natural surfaces especially after Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery.
Dr. Niraj Vora, a leading specialist in Knee Joint Replacement in India suggests that walking barefoot, especially after Knee Surgery, will help in improving the mobility and flexibility of the body. If you are a sports person, this practice is strongly recommended so that you may return to normal activities at the earliest. Talking about natural surfaces, walking barefoot on beaches is recommended to help the body absorb energy and not the harmful toxins. Walk on the grass when it is moist in order to get maximum benefit, and walking barefoot after flying can help to restore the bio-electrical rhythms of the body. Avoid walking barefoot if you have an open cut at any portion of the foot.
There are many instances where even aged persons have derived benefits during the rehabilitation stage after Knee Replacement by making it a routine to walk barefoot after the surgery. By running slowly without wearing shoes instead of just walking barefooted can help the body to absorb more energy. This practice can be more beneficial to sports persons to maintain their body balance and flexibility of the muscles. For more information you have the option to consult Dr Niraj Vora. Log onto http://drnirajvora.com/ to make an appointment.