Things You Should Know About Total Knee Replacement Recovery

Undergoing a knee replacement operation is just half of the story. The doctors and nurse will provide the best while performing the operation and after it is over, but the recovery process needs your diligence and patience to be fully effective. The doctor will educate you on what is being done and how the knee replacement procedure will affect you. You will also come to know about the knee replacement surgery benefits. But the actual knee replacement surgery recovery time will depend on how seriously you take recovery procedure. Going back to any of your earlier activities without recovering completely can cause a lot of damage to the already damaged area.

Things to remember – 

Absolute rest is advocated by the best knee replacement consultants India, as it is required for the recovery process to complete fully. You have to be patient, because initially your movements will be highly restricted by bandages. You may be asked to do some simple exercises during the recovery process to bring back the feeling and movements of your hip. You have to take proper diet during the process. The post-operative pain has to be managed, and your wounds have to be cared for. After being released from the hospital, you have to take care of the knee while you are at home. Your home should be ready to receive you as you cannot go back immediately to your earlier activities. Remember that knee replacement surgery recovery time is quite long and be prepared for it.

Rehab and recovery – 

You cannot get immediately involved in activities that you used to do before the knee replacement procedure. You may still have some amount of pain while you recover at home. You have to consult the best knee replacement doctors in Mumbai and your physiotherapist to get relief from the pain produced by disturbance of muscles and tissues during the operation. You will have to perform some physiotherapy exercises to bring back the strength to your muscles. Using only passive therapy practices or machines will not hasten the recovery process. Eighty percent of the recovery can be achieved in a month’s time while the full recovery can be accomplished after a year or more.

Knee replacement procedures – 

Chances of recovery become bright with weight loss. Try to lose some weight before the operation, so that it does not cause any complication later. The best knee replacement doctors in Mumbai normally perform the operation under local anesthesia. You are given an injection that makes the lower portion of the body numb. Usually, it takes two hours to replace the complete knee. The knee cap is moved out of the way, and the damaged cartilage and bones are replaced with ceramic or metallic implant and kept in place by bone cement. The knee cap is placed in its proper place, and the wound is stitched up.