Mr Agnelo Colaco Review – Dr Niraj Vora (Hip Replacement Surgery)

I am Agnelo Colaco staying in Vasai. 4 years back I started facing problem while walking. We met many doctor’s who suggested Hip Replacement Surgery but refused to take responsibility of any post operation complications and problems due to my medical condition. Somebody suggested Dr Niraj Vora (complete correction), Andheri Bellevue Hospital. I will be grateful […]

Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement for Women

Arthritis is the leading reason of joint replacements. Mostly, women have higher rates of arthritis when compared to men and 60% of Women Knee Replacement surgeries are carried out. There is some anatomical dissimilarity between men’s and women’s joints, but geometrically, they are awfully similar. People who are suffering from Knee Pain must consult total […]

Dr Niraj Vora – Responses to Patient’s FAQ’s on Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr Niraj Vora is a well known hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai, India. Patients suffering from joint pains in hip area have to follow some safety measures in order to protect themselves against serious health problems. Hip replacement surgery is performed for a patient who complains pain in the hip joints even after the intake […]

Dr Niraj Vora – The Eminent Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Niraj Vora is an eminent surgeon among many renowned orthopaedic surgeons in Mumbai, India. He is one of the leading hip and knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai who has acquired extensive knowledge over replacement surgeries in UK. He has a great exposure in the field of orthopaedic and trauma surgeries. Dr Niraj Vora has […]

Dr Niraj Vora – Enlightens on How to Prevent Hip Fractures?

Dr Niraj Vora explains how to prevent from hip fractures. He is the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai who has performed over 2500 successful replacement surgeries. Dr Niraj Vora focuses on few major points on how to deal and avoid hip fractures in a quick note to patients who are suffering from osteoporosis. People […]

Dr Niraj Vora – About Common Knee Injuries and Symptoms

It would be really beneficial for people to know more about common knee injuries and symptoms as they are very common health problems that can arise after a certain age or an incident. Understanding the knee joint pains is quiet simple but yet complicated to judge the correct reason. It requires a proficient orthopaedic doctor […]

Doctor Niraj Vora – The Trauma Surgery Specialist in Mumbai

Dr.Niraj Vora is a specialist in Trauma Surgery who has spent over 15+ years in learning and excelling the advanced techniques in Trauma and Knee & Hip Replacement surgeries. Dr.Niraj Vora has competitive expertise over the usage of Computer Assisted Navigation, Hip Resurfacing and “High Flexion” Knee Replacement. Dr.Niraj Vora, being a famous orthopaedic specialist […]