Symptoms That You Need a Hip Replacement

If you are experiencing pain in the hip, either due to any injury or from arthritis, and not finding any relief, even after non surgical treatment, then you could be making yourself vulnerable to a hip replacement. This is the opinion of Dr Niraj Vora, one of the best hip replacement consultants India. Arthroplasty is the term given to hip replacement, where, the degenerated pats of the hip joint are replaced with artificial components, called prosthesis. There are some symptoms that could define whether you are a candidate to undergo a hip replacement. Here are some of the conditions which can warrant you to need a hip replacement, along with warnings and considerations which can be helpful.

One of the primary symptoms that suggest a hip replacement, is stiffness and debilitating pain in the hip joint. If the pain prevents you from walking with ease, and forcing you to bend your hip, while walking, any hip replacement specialists in Mumbai would consider you to be a potential candidate for hip replacement surgery. Other symptoms which warrant you to consider a hip replacement, include pain in the hip, even while you are resting, and stiffness in the hip joint, which prevents you from lifting your feet. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is time that you should consult any top orthopedic doctor Mumbai, like Dr. Niraj Vora.

Consulting a hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai could help you to be informed about the procedure of hip replacement and the Hip replacement surgery recovery time, so that you become mentally prepared before you undergo the surgery. What the best hip replacement consultants India would do, is to delay the surgery as long as possible, while trying some other alternative methods of treatment, but, ultimately, if it is inevitable, they would suggest a hip replacement, after carrying out MRIs to diagnose the intensity of the degeneration of the hip joint discs. Ther symptoms that could ring the bells of a hip replacement, include, feeling pain in the hip during wet weather conditions, stiffness of the hip after prolonged sitting in one position, decreasing mobility, difficulty in climbing the stairs, and among others, experiencing g stiffness in the morning and finding it difficult to get out of bed. Latest methods of hip replacement are now available in Mumbai, with hip replacement specialists in Mumbai available, like Dr. Niraj Vora. Log onto to get an appointment.