Rehabilitation for Knee Replacement Surgery by Dr Niraj Vora

Undergoing surgery is certainly not something one looks forward to do. A number of people prefer living in pain instead of going for surgery for the repairing of damage. However, speaking of your mobility, it always recommended going for the total knee replacement process before it is too late.

What is total knee replacement?

A total knee replacement contributes to being a surgical process which confers a replacement to the end of damaged thigh bone or femur in addition to shin bone or tibia and aid in the creation of smoother knee joints. The prosthetic components are comprised of plastic of metal and are known to be secured to the bone with the aid of cement. In accordance with the extent of damage, a partial replacement of knee or the unit compartment replacement can be accomplished in which a portion of the joint is a replacement.

What causes degeneration in the joints of the knees?

As the bones become degenerative, it is referred to as osteoarthritis. It is also referred to the tear and wear of knees. Arthritis is more prominent in men and women who have attained an age of 50 years or more. This condition is caused primarily due to obesity, aging joints, reduced mobility. Weight loss can bring a consideration to osteoarthritis and has become prominent to reduce the symptoms.

What is involved in the surgery?

During the surgery of knee replacement, the doctor will be replacing the knee joint with the aid of mechanical implant. The surgery involves the removal of joint of knees after which the bones are prepared for the implantation procedure. The implant is accomplished after that. The surgery is accomplished under general anesthesia and make take several hours of time. Every major surgery carries some risks. The doctor will let you know about the risks post to completing the surgery.

Success rates are known to be higher for Knee replacement surgeries. They are recognized to be effective and safe. Most of the patients are within the age limit of 50 to 70. 50% of the patients of knee replacement surgeries are considered to be women. In accordance with a number of studies, the procedure is highly effective for a time span of 10 years which indicates that the surgery offers long-term relief from knee pain owing to osteoarthritis as well as other degenerative conditions. You should look for the top Knee Replacement Rehabilitation to have the utmost care before, during and post surgeries.

After the surgery

 The recovery starts post surgery. You need to be up and walk down with the help of a device known as crutches or walk within the time duration of 24 hours. This is so prompt that you can start using your knees in no time and find an improvement in the healing procedure. You need to work with a physical therapist and receive pain medication. You can make use of CPM or continuous passive motion machine in the hospital. Post discharge, you may carry one at home. The machine moves as well as flexes the joint of knees for bringing an improvement in circulation and mobility. You can contact Dr. Niraj Vora for the best knee replacement surgery.