Mrs. Kanchan Nayak – Dr Niraj Reviews

I have been suffering from Arthritis with increasing pain in both Knee-Joints since 1996. Though I was a very active working woman, I used to get severe cramps and pain in my calf-muscles below knees, which was made worse by hectic train-traveling and work on both the fronts. Today, just few days before the 1st […]

Dr Niraj Vora Patient Reviews – Facebook

  Gracious and splendid gestures of patients and well-wishers on Facebook through reviews: Milu Chitrakar Gupta My mom suffered with her knee pain almost for 20 years but she refused to go for operation, But the way Dr Niraj explain to her why she should go for operation and what will be the procedure and […]

Mr Agnelo Colaco Review – Dr Niraj Vora (Hip Replacement Surgery)

I am Agnelo Colaco staying in Vasai. 4 years back I started facing problem while walking. We met many doctor’s who suggested Hip Replacement Surgery but refused to take responsibility of any post operation complications and problems due to my medical condition. Somebody suggested Dr Niraj Vora (complete correction), Andheri Bellevue Hospital. I will be grateful […]

Prevention from Work Related Injuries

Dr Niraj Vora, Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in India, tell the preventative measures for work related injuries. The Most Common Injuries at Work include falling from heights, entanglement with the machine, injury caused due to repetitive motion, accidentally injuring your foot or head after being hit by an object and other injuries that could come unexpectedly […]

Testimonials Knee Replacement – Dr Niraj Vora

Knee Replacement Surgery is a surgical technique of replacing a knee joint to mitigate pain and reduce worsening of the disability. Read More..

Knee and Hips May Also Help the Heart – Dr Niraj Vora

Knee and joint replacement specialists are of the opinion that along with knee problems, if you also suffer from recurrent hip joint ailments, then it is better to hip and knee replacement surgery to get relief from unbearable pain. Read More..

Arthritis Pain and Causes – Dr Niraj Vora

Dr Niraj Vora, Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai, explains the causes and preventive measures for Arthritis pain. The most common problem, which can be treated well, is the tear and wear of joints. This takes place whenever a body starts to age. Here are some preventive measures that will help you. Read More..

Causes and Treatment for Hip Problems

Dr Niraj Vora explains the hip treatments generally depend on the type of hip problem you are facing. Read More.. 

Walking Barefoot Benefits by Dr Niraj Vora

You can maximise the benefits of having increased amounts of antioxidants within the body, reduced inflammation and improved sleep if you make the habit of walking barefoot on natural surfaces like sand, soil and grass. This has been scientifically proved and also recommended by Dr Niraj Vora, a reputed Knee Specialist in India. Walking barefoot […]

Why Rest is So Important After Exercise By Dr. Niraj Vora

When you are in the midst of a busy workout schedule and following them each day with diligence and not letting yourself a rest day, you may be not doing the right thing because you should know the Importance of Rest After Exercise. Apprehending that you may be late in reaching your fitness goals or […]