Necessary Things You can do Today to Boost Your Bone Health

If you are one of those who has the tenacity of overcoming the effects of stooping shoulders, hip replacement or knee replacements for keeping your bones healthy and strong, here are a few tips which can help you to keep your bone health in good condition.

What Dr. Niraj Vora, a leading orthopedic specialist in Mumbai suggests that, apart from taking Calcium, Vitamins and Magnesium, there are certain other areas on which you can concentrate like getting out in the sun, having cultured vegetables, eating green vegetables and among others, doing light exercises. Some of the key steps that you can take during the course of your Osteoarthritis treatment, especially after hip or knee replacement, include reducing the intake of sugar, having enough magnesium, having butter and consuming less protein.

Other measures that you can take are, including seafood in your diet, which include sardine, salmon, shrimp, oysters and other seafood. What any orthopedic surgeon would recommend to keep your bones in good health include keeping away from having tobacco and more than two servings of alcoholic drinks. Other advises that you can expect from a leading orthopedic specialist and a best orthopedic doctor  like Dr. Niraj Vora include keeping hormone levels in the body in balance that include keeping estrogen levels in females and testosterone levels in males to the required level. He also advises those who are under long term use of certain medications to stay away from Prednisolone, cortisone, and dexamethasone.

According to any best orthopedic doctor, it is important to stay in good body shape, and to do that, it is important to pursue the body ecology program. Other activities that can prevent decrease in bone density include regular exercises in weight bearing which will help deposit of minerals inside the bones especially in the hip joints, spine and legs. When it comes to drinking, to keep your bones strong and healthy, pure water is the best alternative. You should stay away from drinking soda and consumption of alcohol to a minimum. It is important to decide what you can actually do to prevent your bones becoming weak and fragile in due course. Keeping to a diet enriched with balanced calcium and regular physical activity can be very helpful. For further consultation, Dr. Niraj Vora is available through his website