Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement for Women

Arthritis is the leading reason of joint replacements. Mostly, women have higher rates of arthritis when compared to men and 60% of Women Knee Replacement surgeries are carried out. There is some anatomical dissimilarity between men’s and women’s joints, but geometrically, they are awfully similar. People who are suffering from Knee Pain must consult total Knee Replacement Surgeon Mumbai that fits your bone.

What Happens During Knee Replacement for Women?

When you are under general anesthesia which means that you are in the short term put to sleep, an 8 to 12 inch cut is made in the front of the knee. The injured or damaged part of the joint is confiscated from the surface of the bones and then the surfaces are shaped to grasp a metal or plastic artificial joint. The artificial joint is appended to the thigh bone, shin and Knee cap either with cement or a unique substance. When the Knee joint fits together, the attached artificial parts surrounding the muscle endow support and function.

What Are the Recent Advances in Knee Replacement for Women Surgery?

Simply insidious surgery has rationalized knee Replacement Surgery as well as many fields of medicine. The foremost characteristics of Knee Replacement for Women are that it uses specific techniques and appliances to make possible the medical doctor to perform Knee Replacement for females without a large incision.

The Knee Replacement for Women entails a much minor cut which is 3 to 5 inches, versus the standard approach and incision. The slighter, less persistent approaches result in less tissue damage by allowing the surgeon to work between the fibers of the quadriceps muscles instead of requiring an incision through the ligament. It may lead to Knee Pain, decreased recovery time and better activity due to less damage tissue formation.

At present this less invasive procedure is performed by only a small percentage of orthopedic surgeons in North America. Because this type of surgery is still moderately new, research has been commenced to find out how the instant and long term results will contrast to traditional Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Dr Niraj Vora offers suggestions on Causes of Knee Pain in Women which helps to improve and makes it easy to perform the simplest of activities.