How to Strengthen Your Spine and Keep Your Back Healthy

If you want to keep away from the debilitating pain of the spine, and live a life with a healthy back, here are some tips to keep back strong and pain free, and which come from Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai, like Dr Niraj Vora.

The spine, being a crucial part of the body, which forms a part of our central nervous system, can cause debilitating pain and even lead to disability, if not properly taken care of.  A healthy spine provides protection of the nervous system to help relay the messages safely from the brain to the different parts of the body and back. It also helps with flexibility of the back and provides strength to the joints, discs, bones and the supportive tissues that help us in our movements. Some of the spine strengthening and back pain relief exercises include:

  • Stretching daily for about 30 minutes can help the spine to stay healthy and strong. Performing push-ups, bending, neck stretching and motion exercises really help in improving the flexibility and strength of the spine.
  • Sleeping on the back or side can help prevent pain in the back and neck, as the lumbar spine could be subjected to over stress, when lying on the stomach. Do not use soft pillows and mattress, instead, use one which will allow the spine to keep straight while sleeping.
  • It is not only bone strengthening exercises for spine that can help in strengthening your spine, but also having a healthy diet is equally important, says Dr Niraj Vora. Healthy fats, lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruits can help strengthen the muscles of the back.
  • Maintaining an ergonomic posture is important to prevent any stress on the spine, ligaments, supporting muscles and tendons that protect the spinal cord. Standing or sitting in an upright position can help maintain the health of the spine and help in proper digestion and breathing, and release of energy.
  • Meditation can also be helpful in reducing the stress of the body including the spine. It can cause a positive effect on the spine, enhancing the core strength of the spine.

Following these tips to keep back strong and pain free, as suggested by Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Mumbai, can help you in leading a healthy life with a strong and supportive spine.