Dr Niraj Vora : How to Identify Hip and Joint Problems in Small Babies

According to several research studies, people who are born with low weight suffer from acute arthritis in future and they need hip replacement also. Common hip problems in babies increase the chances for hip replacement and they suffer several diseases like, joint problem, low muscle strength and low weight problem. In case of premature babies, the rate of age, sex and body mass index of babies are causes which are taken into consideration for understanding hip problems in babies in their future years.

What happens to those babies who are born with low body weight?

According to notable hip replacement specialist in Mumbai, those babies who are born prematurely, and those who have very low body weight, are more susceptible with respect to growing hip problems, and major joint problems when they reach adulthood. These babies are more prone to develop osteoarthritis during their adult phases of life.

 Hip defects in babies, if diagnosed in the early years, can give rise to minor complications, and in extreme cases, they can also be treated with preventive type of medicines.

• The genetic configuration of babies and the pregnancy complications, if any, can also result into major osteo-related problems later in the life of babies.

• The school of health and preventive medication which operates in Monash University in Australia has brought out tremendous research findings which also point out that other crippling diseases apart from osteoarthritis can affect the babies when they grow up later in life.

There are some common hip problems in babies’ symptoms:

• When the buttocks or the hip portions of babies are asymmetrical in nature.

• Hip dysplasia or popping or snapping sound in hips can also be one of the major symptoms of osteoarthritis in babies.

Hip problems in babies’ symptoms also include the situation when the babies suffer from constant hip joint pain while moving, crawling or walking, and if this pain is not diagnosed early in life, then the pain will sustain and make life worse in the child’s adult years, where medication and operation can be the only option.

Dr. Niraj Vora is one of the Best hip replacement consultants in India, and according to him, the parents can also detect hip and osteoarthritic problems in babies, if they have problem in making the baby wear a diaper.

It is very important to identify the hip and joint problems in babies when they are infants, otherwise they may also require hip replacement surgery in future.