Doctor Niraj Vora – The Trauma Surgery Specialist in Mumbai

Dr.Niraj Vora is a specialist in Trauma Surgery who has spent over 15+ years in learning and excelling the advanced techniques in Trauma and Knee & Hip Replacement surgeries. Dr.Niraj Vora has competitive expertise over the usage of Computer Assisted Navigation, Hip Resurfacing and “High Flexion” Knee Replacement. Dr.Niraj Vora, being a famous orthopaedic specialist in Mumbai treats his patient with total hospitality and generosity.

Human body tends to decrease its range in stamina and capacity levels with growing age factors that results in people facing many health problems. One of the major health problems is related to bone structure of the human body. With increased pressure of work load, old age and other stress factors bones structure faces troubles like decreased bone mineral density, balance issues and muscle weakness.

It also happens to encounter fractures either in hip or knees in few people. In some untoward situations, when people meet with accidents or mishaps, there is a chance for fractures or broken bone in some patients that might result in their complete end to mobility factors or even lead them to death. If you are facing any such kind of bone related health issues, do not neglect and ignore it. Bones are the vital part of the human body, consult the best orthopaedic/trauma specialist who can advise and cure your broken or damaged or deceased bone to bring you back to your normal life. Dr Niraj Vora, M.B.B.S, M.S. (Orth), M.R.C.S (Edln), is the best trauma surgeon who has performed many trauma surgeries. The trauma surgery is advised to patients who have suffered bone injuries resulting in fractures.

A Trauma surgery is generally recommended for patients who are suffering from bone fractures. Dr.Niraj Vora is well versed with the surgical procedures followed for such cases that are either Closed Reduction and Internal Fixation or an Open Reduction and External Fixation. Usually, Dr.Niraj Vora takes personal interest in each and every patient and decides what kind of treatment is best suited according to the condition of the patient. The type of surgery always depends upon the location and type of fracture.

Dr.Niraj Vora treats for different types of fractures like bone weakening diseases (Osteoporosis and Osteomalacia), injuries, and prolonged stress from overuse. Dr.Niraj Vora has been awarded with Dr. Anand Pardhy prize, Dr. M. V. Sant Prize and Dr. Dipak Kothari Gold medal for his outstanding performance in the Orthopaedics examinations.

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