Dr Niraj Vora – Responses to Patient’s FAQ’s on Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr Niraj Vora is a well known hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai, India. Patients suffering from joint pains in hip area have to follow some safety measures in order to protect themselves against serious health problems. Hip replacement surgery is performed for a patient who complains pain in the hip joints even after the intake of pain medication.

Dr Niraj Vora answers all Frequently Asked Questions related to hip replacement surgery.

1. What kind of patients are advised for hip replacement?

Patients suffering from painful hip disorders like fractures of socket or ball, failure in previous fixation and arthritis of the hip are advised to undergo hip replacement surgery.

2. For which painful hip disorder, hip replacement is performed?

If the pain in hip persists due to the growing infection in the joints or the bones, a hip replacement is not a definite option. But if the infection is burnt out, one may carry out hip replacement in some cases.

3. How many types of hip replacement surgeries exist?

Hemi replacement, total hip replacement and surface replacement are the three types of hip replacement surgeries. In hemi replacement, the ball of femur is replaced. In total hip replacement surgery, the ball and the socket are replaced. In surface replacement, the surface of the ball is shaved off and is capped and similarly the surface of the socket is also scraped off and is resurfaced using the metal lining.

4. What age group people can go for joint replacement?

Joint replacement is ideal for patients above the age of 60 years. It is also performed for people between the age groups of 40 – 60 in few cases. In any normal case, people between 20 – 40 age group and children are not advised to undergo joint replacement surgeries. However, young people between 20 – 30 age groups who are suffering from painful arthritis are advised to undergo to improve their life style.

5. What is the average time taken for surgery and how long does the patient is recommended to stay in hospital after surgery?

The average time taken for joint replacement surgery is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The patient has to stay around seven days after hip replacement surgery.

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