Dr Niraj Vora : Importance of Calcium for Strong Bones in Childhood

The Body power of any person is indomitable by the strong point of the core of the body. Wondering what is “core”? Regrettably, countless individuals fail to comprehend the true sense of core. The core of a human body does not only mean the abdominal part of the body, but essentially consists of the bones and muscles of the body, excluding the extremities. It is very important for each individual to have a healthy and fit body. This will come only if the bones are strong enough. Now, how will your bones be strong? The only way to keep your bone naturally strong is to have adequate amount of calcium in your body.

Now you must be wondering, why is calcium important for bones? Well, scientifically speaking, bones are made up of calcium, and hence it is necessary for you to maintain a good amount for calcium intake to keep the bones intact. To maintain adequate amounts for calcium it is very important for the parents to ensure that there is sufficient amount of calcium intake since childhood. It is the doctor’s duty to make the parent understand the importance of calcium in childhood, so that the parent keeps that in mind. The importance of calcium in bones is that it helps the bones to remain strong and at the same time calcium helps to prevent bone ailments like Osteoporosis. Today there are lots of calcium foods for babies that guarantee the proper amounts of calcium to your ward. Make sure you are consulting your doctor before giving any such thing to your child.

There are several top orthopedic doctorswho will give out several calcium benefits for bones. Make sure that you are making a note of all the necessary things, and are imbibing all of them. The best orthopedic surgeon will advise mothers to take calcium foods for bones, while they are pregnant itself, so that the child is born healthy and fit.
There are several orthopedic specialists , but the best out of all of those is Dr. NirajVora, is amazing in his work. Consult him, for best advises upon the importance of calcium.