Dr Niraj Vora: How Long Does The Pain Lasts After Knee Replacement Surgery

Although nothing definite can be said on how long does the pain last after knee replacement surgery, as it depends upon the schedule of the rehabilitation program, still it can be said that patients suffering from debilitating pain can feel at ease after the surgery, especially if the invasive method is performed by a joint replacement specialist.

Many would like to know the time factor when full recovery can be made after knee or hip replacement surgery, says Dr. Niraj Vora, specialist in knee replacement mumbai. According to him, there are two types of recovery from knee replacement which are short term and long term recovery. Dr. Niraj Laxmikant Vora, an eminent specialist in joint replacement and trauma surgery opines that short term recovery can take 12 weeks, when the patient will be able to walk without any aid and feel no pain, have proper sleep and do away with across the counter pain relievers.

Long term recovery from such types of surgery involves healing of the internal soft tissues and surgical wounds completely, says dr. niraj vora, one of the top orthopedic surgeons in mumbai, and a leading specialist in joint replacement surgery. This may take 3 to 6 months by the time when patients are able to walk freely without feeling a hint of pain and the condition of the knee or hip has improved dramatically much beyond the level of dysfunction during the period before surgery. Being a leading specialist in knee replacement mumbai, he suggests that it is the mindset of patients that holds key during post operative period for quicker rehabilitation, where optimistic attitude towards expectation of a bright future even at the cost of bearable pain can play a significant role in rehabilitation.

Dr. Niraj Vora is available for providing support during the post operative period when small issues like unusual pain and pimples around the area of the wound gives rise to suspicion. He has the experience and expertise in providing solutions to those problems to keep his patients in good mood, expecting for the best. He is considered to be the best knee replacement surgeon in mumbai not only for his ability to diagnose properly as to whether a patient actually needs knee replacement or simple exercises can be better option. He is available for consultation with prior appointment and patients will find it cost effective even if knee replacement surgery is done as compared to other alternatives.