Dr Niraj Vora – Enlightens on How to Prevent Hip Fractures?

Dr Niraj Vora explains how to prevent from hip fractures. He is the best hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai who has performed over 2500 successful replacement surgeries. Dr Niraj Vora focuses on few major points on how to deal and avoid hip fractures in a quick note to patients who are suffering from osteoporosis.

People growing older should always take precautions to ensure safe health and keep an eye on how to prevent themselves from hip fractures that cause a lot of discomfort and hip pain. There are alarming complications of osteoporosis that turns out to be a dismay in some patients with severe hip fractures or injuries that cause many problems.

Patients above 65 years who have osteoporosis should take precautionary measures to prevent hip fracture.

Being Active: The major reason for hip fractures in most of the patients is, restricting themselves from being active due to the age factor. It is truly essential for patients over the age of 65 years also to be active in their role so that they can perform certain weight-bearing exercises to maintain a healthy bone. It is as well important to exercise safely upon doctor’s advice to stay fit and have a good balance to avoid hip fractures.

Measuring Bone Density: Going for a bone density test is essential to arrive and determine the stage of osteoporosis. People suffering from osteoporosis usually have bone thinning that cause higher risk of hip fracture. It is essential for patients to consult doctors at this stage to limit bone loss and improve the bone density.

Ensure Home SafetyMost of the hip fractures in old people occur due to slipping off on the floors, loose objects laid on living rooms, and other areas like staircase, washrooms, and kitchen. It is important to take precautions to ensure home safety.

Knowhow of the Medication: Patients should be aware of the medication they are going through and know well before in hand about the side effects of the medicines. Many medicines will have dizziness and light-headedness, knowing in advance about them will help patient to control his actions in advance.

Ensure your Vision: Failing vision, cataracts, and glaucoma are very common in old age people. People should screen their eyes through an eye doctor in order to avoid fallouts. Poor vision needs to be corrected in time to avoid falls.

Dr Niraj Vora treats his patients with utmost care and concern, he always wants his patients to be in proactive attitude to help them deal with every health problem and follow certain precautionary measures to avoid many complications.

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