Dr Niraj Vora – About Hip Pain, Its Causes and Treatment

Hip pain may sometimes be debilitating depending upon the possible causes of hip pain. According to Dr Niraj Vora, an eminent surgeon and specialist in knee, back and hip pain the main causes of hip pain include arthritis, fractures at hip joint, bursitis, strain on the muscle or tendon, tendonitis and cancerous growth.

Causes of Hip Pain

While some patients experience pain in side of hip others may have pain on hip bones but the causes of hip ache are more or less common in most cases. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are some body conditions what cause hip flexor pain which can at times be debilitating. Hip fracture is common in people of old age where due to the brittleness of the hip bones, they are susceptible to fracture in case of fall. Other causes of swelling of the hip include inflammation of the fluid sacs at the hip joint due to repetitive activities and irritation or inflammation of the tendons due to excessive strain. Too much strain on the tendons, muscles and ligaments and reduced blood flow to the hip joint resulting in more dead cells in tissues are sharp hip pain causes. Cancerous growth may also be one of the main causes of hip pain and sometimes pregnancy may be a cause for female right hip pain due to excess burden on the hips.

Treatment for Hip Pain

Medication for reducing the inflammation in the hip joint is one of the treatments for pain on hip bones and has been proven to give result if properly diagnosed. Another possible and effective treatment for pain in side hip is holding ice to the affected area for about 15 minutes regularly twice or thrice a day and trying to keep the hip in a rested position for few hours. Moderate exercises are undoubtedly effective for swelling of the hip where stretching and swimming at a slow speed has been found to give expected results.

In cases where the pain in the hip shows no signs of alleviating, the only alternative is hip replacement. This involves surgical process where a prosthetic implant is made to replace the hip joint. The replacement may be full or half depending upon the wear and tear of the joint muscles, bones and tendons.

As one of the eminent hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Niraj Vora suggests this invasive method as the ultimate in helping patients to get permanent relief from pain on hip bones.