Dr Niraj Vora – About Common Knee Injuries and Symptoms

It would be really beneficial for people to know more about common knee injuries and symptoms as they are very common health problems that can arise after a certain age or an incident. Understanding the knee joint pains is quiet simple but yet complicated to judge the correct reason. It requires a proficient orthopaedic doctor who can examine and use various methods to arrive at the real cause of the knee pain or rather say a knee injury.

The correct reason for knee pain is evaluated upon certain important factors like age, kind of regular activities you perform or underwent any kind of injury in the recent times.  There are some common knee pain symptoms that are experienced by patients due to old age or any sudden mishaps or fall outs. The location of the pain in the knee area helps the doctor to find out the exact problem in the knee injury.

Talking about knee pains, Dr Niraj Vora explains different pains in the knee area, the pain that occurs front of the knee, is mostly related to the knee cap that can cause various problems. The pain that occurs in medial side is normally caused by medial meniscus tears, MCL injuries, and arthritis. The pain that occurs outside of the knee is caused due to lateral meniscus tears, LCL injuries, IT band tendonitis, and arthritis. The pain that occurs at back of the knee is due to the collection of fluid, called as Baker’s Cyst. Also other factors like timing of the pain i.e. while getting down the stairs, first walking after you wake up that subsides with gentle activity. Dr Niraj Vora recommends following up on this as it is typical form of early arthritis.

Knee pain results in immobility in long run as the injury increases day by day if not treated well in advance. Normally any orthopaedic doctor would suggest some medication for pain relief and if further the patient complains severe pain while any activity, the doctor or orthopaedic surgeon would recommend medical tests and x-rays.

Dr Niraj Vora further adds, once the doctor assures about the real reason for the pain and problem from the medical reports, orthopaedic surgeon would advice the patient to undergo a surgery that can either be a partial or total knee replacement.

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