Causes and Risk Factors of Hip Fracture

Going by the recent studies on the average numbers of hip fractures annually, there is every reason to ring the alarm bell, especially if you are above 65 years. While modern processes for hip fracture treatment are now available, the mortality rate is apprehended to be around 25 percent within the next 15 years. It is high time that we should put more stress on the Risks Factors for Hip Fractures which can help us to reduce them.
If you are facing any problem with your hip, you should immediately consult an orthopedic specialist to prevent any further damage to your hip which can be a life altering issue. This is what dr. niraj vora has to say about hip fractures and hip fracture symptoms and treatment. He is accredited as the Best Hip Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad, and following his advice, you can get yourself educated on how best to avert hip fracture, and the processes of hip replacement surgery so that you are able to take an informed decision if at all you have to undergo a hip replacement surgery.
Although every incident of a hip fracture is associated with a unique story, but everyone of them fall under a basic category. Do you know that you may fall from a standing position due to weakness, imbalance or any bizarre incident, or fall on slippery surfaces, from a height, or due to vehicular accident which can result in a hip fracture. Sports related injuries are also common for hip fracture. Older persons are more prone to hip fracture due to reasons that include aging, osteoporosis, worsening of sense of balance, slowing of reaction time and lessening of the auditory and visual acuity. Weaker bones in aged persons is the prime reason associated with a hip fracture, says Dr Niraj Vora, who has been performing hip replacement surgery in large numbers.
You can reduce the Risks Factors for Hip Fractures by following certain steps which include:
1. Using an aid while walking
2. Undergoing a gait training
3. Checking for tripping hazards
4. Having Vitamin D supplements and Calcium
5. Periodical checks by a doctor for body balance issues
Although modern methods of Hip Fracture Treatment are helping to reduce the time for convalescence, will it not be wise to take preventive steps?