Best Ways to Build Stronger and Healthy Bones

It is the framework of the human body that is based on the bones which has also many parts to play such as protecting the organs and anchoring the muscles. Taking care of bone health is vitally important, as lifestyle and physical activity depend upon the bones. Here are some tips to build strong and healthy bones, which are easy to follow.

According to Dr.Niraj Vora, a leading orthopedic in Joint replacement surgery treatment, weight bearing exercises of high impact can be one of the effective ways to build healthy bones. Examples of such exercises include dancing, hiking, aerobics, rope jumping, jogging, running, tennis and climbing stairs. Those bearing a risk of breaking bones due to osteoarthritis are advised not to go for high impact exercises, instead follow some low impact exercises. These include light aerobics, using weight machines and elliptical machines for training, and walking fast on a treadmill.

Calcium is the most vital nutrient for keeping the bones healthy, and having a calcium rich diet is important, especially after Joint Replacement surgery. According to Dr.Niraj Vora, a joint replacement specialist, intake of Magnesium and Vitamin D and K is important, as, they work as a catalyst to help calcium to work more effectively. Having enough calcium in the diet will help the body cells function normally and the bones to be strong and healthy. Deficiency of calcium can lead to osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety and loss of sleep. The ways to build healthy bones include making food choices that are healthy, like dairy products containing low fat, tuna, mackerel, sardines and salmon. Vegetables and fruits which are rich in calcium contents also form an important part of a calcium rich diet. These include spinach, broccoli, collard greens, cabbage, strawberries and green bell peppers. Pineapples and oranges also are rich in calcium, and adding them to your diet will help to keep your bones healthy.

Other ways for building strong and healthy bones include intake of moderate amount of soda and alcohol, quitting smoking, spending some time outdoors during the day when the sun is bright, and reviewing the medications. You can also think of considering treatment options, especially after Joint Replacement surgery. In that case, you will need to consult a Joint Replacement surgery specialist in order to prevent joint replacement surgery complications. For consultation, Dr. Niraj Vora is available for appointment when you check up the timings on